A baby is sleeping on the ground with wings.

We know a couple who, the minute they knew they were expecting, gave the new life for whom they realized they were going to be responsible a name. They never referred to this child as an it. Not knowing the gender of the child, they picked out a boy name and a girl name. Until…

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Two women sitting on a bench talking to each other.

When someone you love is hurt, you hurt with them and for them. How do you feel about someone who hurts someone you love? Want to put God’s love for you and me in perspective? He loves us. He loves His Son. When we sin, we hurt ourselves and we hurt His Son yet…..He still…

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A woman is pointing at another person with an " i 'm so !" speech bubble above her head.

Did you ever hear that as a kid?  Because I said so. Oh, how I hated those words. I always wanted to know “why“. My father got extremely frustrated with me because whenever he would tell me to do this or do that I would always want to know why, especially if I saw no…

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