Our everyday vernacular is filled with phrases that are shortened versions of full words.The other day I pulled up to a drive-thru window, placed my order, and the person who took it said, uh eyeitzat it

Having grown up with English as my mother tongue, I understood him. He had just reduced 13 words into 4. He was saying, all right (got it), is there anything you want to add to your order

There are other examples. But there is one that sadly, far too many find themselves either saying or thinking

Its if ida which of course is short for if I had only done this or that

When you make a wrong turn and say if ida listened to the GPS, I wouldn't have to be turning around now. No worries. It happens.

But when I am standing before my Creator (and at some point we all will), and where I am going to spend eternity is at stake, and I look back on my life, I surely don't want to have to say, ....if ida just taken the time to learn more about HIM

Don't risk it. The life HE created you and me to live is the BEST life.

The eye has not seen, nor the ear heard, nor has entered into the heart of man what GOD has in store for those who love HIM.(1 Cor. 2:9)

Check it out. You'll never regret it. OH! REALLY? Hmm.