Figuring It Out


Have you ever been faced with a task you were having difficulty figuring out how to accomplish?  We all have. 

And then, someone comes along and helps you figure it out to which you say or think, Ah ha!  So THAT how it works. 

How about LIFE?  Who is not trying to figure out this LIFE thing?

And then, someone comes along who is able to help you figure it out, but you say, Nah, I have got this.  But, thanks anyways.

If we are sort of honest with ourselves, most of us are like the person above.  But if we are really honest with ourselves and we are looking at the Gordian Knot before us,  we finally acknowledge that we do need some help.   

Then we are faced with having to choose to whom do we turn for that help?  

By the grace of Almighty GOD (HE created us with a free-will)  we have two choices OURSELVES or GOD.

Who then, shall it be? ME.(or any other human being), or GOD?

The eye has not seen nor the ear heard nor has entered

           into the heart of man, what I have prepared for those who

           love me. (1 Corinthians 2:9)

If it is between ME and GOD, I believe GOD will be a much wiser and safer choice.