Pray….for our Country?

Pray for our country?  Yes, of course!  We must!

But when we pray for our country, what are our thoughts?  Do we really ‘think’ it matters?  Do we really ‘believe’ it matters?  

The Apostle believed it mattered when he told Timothy to pray for “….kings and all who are in positions of authority….” in 1 Timothy 2.  

Here again we need perspective.  

Paul was not suggesting that those early Christians should pray that Emperor Nero would begin sponsoring legislation favorable to all who believed in King Jesus.  No.  The prayer he was admonishing them to pray was for what would ultimately be for the church’s good. (Romans 8:28)

The prayers once offered by Christians in Russia for Stalin, in Romania for Ceausescu, and in China for Chairman Mao, did not lead to pro-christian governments that passed pro-christian laws.  In truth, quite the opposite occurred.  Yet, that notwithstanding, those prayers DID lead to conversions and church growth in those countries that has not been paralleled in any Western Country then nor since. 

So when we pray for our country, for what are we to believe we are really praying?  

Let us pray believing in the cosmic sovereignty and universal Kingship of Almighty GOD, that HIS Church will emerge from the darkness and be that city set on a hill, not just in America but on every hill in every nation and tribe on this earth.    And, that we, HIS children, in HIS strength and power, will be HIS boots on the ground, helping that to become a reality.    

That when we pray, “….THY Kingdom come, THY WILL be done on earth as it is in heaven?”….let us understand and believe THAT….is our part.  Then, let us trust HIM to do it.   THAT’S….HIS part. 


(Portions taken from the April 2024, issue of BANNER OF TRUTH Magazine – Mark G. Johnston)