A few nights ago I had a dream

I was on the Interstate and in front of me about as far as I could see, there were cars in both lanes and they were evenly separated from one another about a car length.

Ahead I could see one of those green signs with white lettering that are above the road and it said: JUNCTION AHEAD. I was in the right lane.

Shortly thereafter, there was another of those above the road signs but there were

two of then side by side.

The one on the left said: SOUTH. And it had an arrow pointing to the left.

The one on the right said: NORTH. And it had an arrow pointing to the right.

As we got closer to the actual Junction, there seemed to be a lot of lane shifting. The cars in the left lane were trying to cross over and get into the right lane.

Then all of a sudden all the lane shifting stopped and I saw why. Some of those mobile concrete separation barriers had been installed between the lanes which prevented any further lane changing.

It was then that I noticed that each of the cars had a bumper sticker on their rear bumper.

The bumper sticker on the cars that were in the left lane, the ones going SOUTH said: “I DID IT MY WAY.”

The bumper sticker on the cars in the right lane, the ones that were going NORTH said: “I DID IT HIS WAY”.

As I peeled off to the NORTH, I woke up.


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