The Pro-Abortion cry is that anti-abortion laws are denying women their inalienable civil (and personal) right to exercise control over their bodies.

I have used Pro-Abortion rather than Pro-Choice, because Pro-Choice is in and of itself an absurdity.

There IS NO LAW that prohibits any woman from exercising control over her body in making the decision to engage in consensual sexual intercourse. And even more importantly, there is no law that forbids a woman from making the choice to respect the sanctity of her womb.

Under current law however, the Pro-Choice label IS appropriate when describing the right a woman has to determine the fate of that living being, that is the fruit of her choice.

Abortion as a solution to an unwanted pregnancy is sort of like putting brakes on a car that has already killed someone for lack of them working properly.

In choosing to give His man creature a free will, God put him and her in the unavoidable position of having to make choices.

Choices determine outcomes. Choices have consequences.

Thank God we still value life. As a societal norm, we believe life is sacred. We must because we spend trillions of dollars a year keeping people ALIVE.

If we truly believe LIFE is sacred, how is it possible that we DO NOT also view the ACT of CREATING LIFE to be a SACRED ACT?

When we consider all the situations of life in which we have to make choices, the outcomes of which and for which we are expected to be held accountable, is it not time to just call it like it really is when it comes to the Pro-Abortion position? Here is what the Pro-Choicers are telling women:

you have the right to have all the unprotected, illegitimate, in or out of wed-lock sex you want with whomever you want and if you get pregnant, no worries. If you don’t want the God created image in your womb, you can kill it and treat it like a used paper plate. AND you will not face any legal consequences.

And to be clear, men, we are not without responsibilities here.

Men, we were created to watch over, honor, protect, cherish and as needed to provide for our women for it’s out of them we come.

And women, you were created to support, to be a help, a comfort, and a companion to your man for it is out of him that you came.

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You complete him and he completes you.

Of course, when it has been clearly and undeniably determined that the life of the mother or the life of the child is in danger, those are situations that change the whole decision making process and basis for terminating a pregnancy.

But even then, there is an inestimable emotional and spiritual cost to the mother and those who love her and are loved by her.

The taking of a life under any circumstances leaves a mark on us as human beings. This has certainly been proven with veterans who have been forced to take another person’s life in battle or even witness the life of one of their comrades being taken from them. It is something a person never gets over.

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Let our cry be loud FOR LIFE.

Let our cry be loud against infanticide and any law that makes it legal to take a life, any life, any time, any where.

For HE died that we might have LIFE and HAVE IT MORE ABUNDANTLY!


Praise Be To God!