“I can do it!” I can live this life and be all I was created to be.

NO, you CAN’T….not ALONE! No one ever has, and no one ever will.

The lives of billions upon billions of people are in chaos and they don’t know why.

There are only two things in this life you can do alone. You can “be” alone and you can “die” alone. Anything else, another human being must play a role in some way.

Anyone who understands this and why has found wisdom.

Why is it this way? It is because that is how God made us.

God’s last creation was a woman. Why? It was because He said, “It is not good that man should be ALONE.” (Genesis 2:18) God knew that man, on his own, was a train wreck waiting to happen.

He put Adam and Eve in this beautiful garden but He did not leave them ALONE. He watched over them, He provided for them, He protected them, He was with them, over and around them.

The story of the serpent, Adam and Eve’s temptation, and their disobedience, is known by most. But what is not known by many is that because of their disobedience, they no longer had God’s guidance, providence and protection in the same way they had it before their disobedience. They were forced to leave the Garden.

They were ALONE in the world.

And for the next (approximately) 4,000 years, while God never forgot His people and watched over them, He did not live IN them. He did not have their hearts.

If you have ever been on a Safari, or done any serious mountain climbing, you know the importance of a guide.

From the moment of our birth until the hour of our death, the single most difficult challenge which every human being faces is life itself.

God knows this and therein is the source of the greatest mystery of all time.

In spite of all the ways we have rejected Him and His love for us, He loves us and was willing to allow His only Son, Jesus Christ, to come to earth and show us how to live….as a guide. Knowing He would be tortured, spit upon and forced to die the most painful death of all, He still did it.

Not only this, but He promised if we would accept this guide and acknowledge how much it cost Him, He would also send His Holy Spirit to live with us and He and His Son would make their home with us. (John 14:23)

Would you go on a Safari without a guide? Would you consider climbing Mt. Everest without a guide? Why then, would you even consider trying to live the life you were created to live without a guide?

No! No one has ever succeeded in doing this ALONE and no one ever will.

All you have to do is pray the following prayer: Holy Father, I am a sinner. I cannot live the life you created me to live all by myself. i need your help. I give up my right to myself and I submit to your loving care. Help me to find you and to believe in You. In the name of your Son, Jesus Christ, I offer up this prayer to you.

OH! REALLY? Hmm…..