After life itself, the greatest gift ever is the ability, the right and the obligation you and I and every human being who has ever lived has been given to CHOOSE WHO we will recognize and accept as the HIGHEST AUTHORITY in our lives.

If we choose God, everything He planned for us falls into place as He intended.

If we reject God and choose to be our own Gods (as Adam and Eve did) nothing falls into place as God intended.

This is all explained in the Holy Bible in the book of Deuteronomy, Chapters 11 & 28 and in the book of Leviticus, Chapter 26.


P.S. You’re not the boss of me!

This is not just something a small child is often compelled to tell one of their playmates. No. This is something human beings have been saying to God ever since Adam and Eve first said it to God in the Garden.

And we wonder why the world is in the mess it is in.