We humans….are we not a dad-gum complicated lot?

Have you ever done something and then said to yourself, “Now why did I do that? Or, after saying or doing something that was just not like you and had someone say to you, “What WERE you thinking?”

We all have. That’s comforting to know isn’t it?

“TO WHAT END” do we do anything we do? How often do we preface anything we do with the question, “to what end am I doing this?”

When you get right down to it, there really are only two reasons we do anything we do. We either do it out of an anticipation of gain or fear of loss.

To our benefit or gain is a reason we all understand. But, out of a fear of loss – to our detriment? Why would anyone ever do that?

It’s been said that the greatest fool of all is the fool who can fool himself. I also believe that the greatest liar of all is the person who will deny a desire to be happy.

We all know individuals who seem to revel in wallowing, who seem to be permanently hosting their own pity parties. But, there is a reason why there are people like that and there is a reason why there are people who seem to be permanently celebrating life.

And, they both are for the same reason.

One is out of the frustration of a gift and the other is out of the celebration of the same gift.

The gift? It’s called LIFE!

When God “breathed into our nostrils the breath of LIFE, and we become living souls”, it was not a LIFE that was to be filled with frustration, anger, resentment, defeat, sickness, jealousy and the exaltation of oneself. No.

It was a LIFE that was to be filled with joy, love, peace, hope, and lived to the fullest….to bring Glory to the Creator. Am I talking about a LIFE totally without the normal ups and downs, bumps, trials, pain and frustrations? NO! But even when these occur, and they will, we are not alone, we have someone to take our hand and go through them with us.

“OK, then” (you ask) “of the above two, why are so many lives reflective of the former rather than the latter.”

And the answer is: (if you happen to be a JEOPARDY fan you will understand this)

It’s TO WHAT END I do everything I do.

My friends, my marriage, my ambition, my job, my thought life, my possessions, how I spend my money, my leisure time, etc., etc.,? To what extent are any of the choices I make in any of the above areas of my LIFE based on what I want, what I have decided is best for me, etc. etc. ?

Or, as I consider the choices God has made it possible for me to make when it comes to living the LIFE He created me to live, do I first ask myself, “TO WHAT END will this Glorify my Creator?”

In the Gospel of John, chapter 10, verse 10, we have these words from Jesus himself:

“I came that you might have not only the abundant LIFE my Father gave you, but that you might have it MORE ABUNDANTLY!”

Spoiler Alert! There is one caveat.

No one is able to live this ABUNDANT life on their own, out of their own resources.

Many have tried. None have succeeded.

And why?

God did not send His Son to die for us, to enable any one of us to live a truly ABUNDANT LIFE, and have His enemy take credit for it.