A large airplane flying in the sky on a clear day.

How do you think of Grace? Do you think of it primarily as that forgiveness which is granted you by God when you just happen to sin? In his book THE GREAT OMISSION: Reclaiming Jesus’s Essential Teachings on Discipleship, author Dallas Willard makes a powerful case for how many of us misunderstand Grace. I love…

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Two people are pulling a rope with the word tension on it.

How in the world can tension be a gift? It just is. It is in every thought we have. It is in everything we do. It resides in the Law of Opposites. The LAW OF OPPOSITES? Yes. OK. Is this some kind of a joke? No. We deal with the LAW OF OPPOSITES every day…

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Two people helping each other up a hill

We all know the stories of how a little word of direction or encouragement offered to a youngster at the right time points him or her in a direction that results in a life that ends up affecting millions for good. Are you like the late Robert Kennedy who said some people see things as…

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