My bath is immediately adjacent to my bedroom. I mounted a battery powered clock in the area of the vanity, It was to help me keep track of my time as I would be getting ready to begin my day.

It makes an ever so slight tic-to sound as the second hand moves around the face.

In the normal course of the days activities you can’t hear it. I can only hear it when I am in my bed for the night. Even then there has to be a total absence of any other sounds for me to hear it. Last year when the katydids came out, they drowned out the tic-toc of the clock as does the HVAC when it comes on.

What a parallel this is to how we hear the voice of God which is His Holy Spirit.

It’s really quite amazing how many people, when they read the last sentence, find it implausible, hard to believe, acknowledge or understand. Yet, they have no problem acknowledging experiencing a voice telling them to pick up the phone and call someone.

O, precious soul, please consider the following two statements.

God did not create you and me and then leave…..and on His way out say good luck. He gave us a book, the single purpose of which was to tell us about Himself, and for us to know that He had no intent of leaving us alone in this garden with only our own meager resources to survive.

And in this book, He said: I will be with you always, I will never leave you alone. Shortly, I will ascend to my Father. And to be with you in my stead, He and I will send His Holy Spirit, and He will guide you, watch over you and lead you into everything you need to know to live the life you were created to live.

You ask, how will I feel His presence, how will I hear His voice?

It is precisely how I hear the tic-toc of the clock I installed in my bathroom.

I believed in the clock, that it would do what I was buying it to do. I kept it near enough to me to be able to hear it. I could only hear it when I and all around me was very quiet, very still. I was not only desiring to hear it, I was thankful that being able to hear it evidenced the extent to which my hearing was still working.

The Psalmist tells us: Be still, and know that I am God. (Psalm 46:10)

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Be still. Desire Him. Listen quietly. And you will be like the prophet Elijah, in that wonderful story in the Old Testament book of First Kings, Chapter 19. Read it, and you’ll understand all you have read here.