Early this morning I had a dream. It was of a geographic area of three separate Cities. They were “Understand”, “Acceptance”, and “Trust”. The area was known as “YAH”.

Although they were three separate Cities, they had a Metropolitan form of governance. They had a Mayor and a Council that was made up of six representatives of each City.

Each city had only 8 streets, all of which went out from a central hub like the spokes of a wheel. And they all had the same name except for a prefix or a suffix.

There was DueNorth Yahway, DueSouth Yahway, DueEast Yahway, and DueWest Yahway, and Northeast Yahway, Southeast Yahway, Southwest Yahway, and Northwest Yahway.

None of the citizens of “YAH” were born there. Many of them came from a fourth city which was about 20 miles away.

The name of that city was “NOT SURE”.

Because so many of “YAH’S” citizens had relatives and close friends who lived in “NOT SURE”, it became a Mission point for them. In addition to going there both individually and in small groups to meet with them, they were in constant prayer for their souls.

In many ways, life in “YAH” was not unlike life in any of the other cities in the region. But there was clearly a difference that baffled the occasional visitor who would come to check it out.

A few would hang around long enough to ask a few questions.

“How is it you feel you understand things that have confounded some very smart men for centuries?”

“How is it you are able to just accept certain things that are written even though they make no sense at all?”

“How is it that no matter what, you are able to trust what you read, that it really is true and that what is promised will be fulfilled?”

All left with the same answer. And it went something like this one from Joe Kneeling.

“I believe I speak for all of my fellow citizens when I say we all had the same basic experience.

At one point in our lives, we all had a feeling that something was missing.

We all tended to hear ourselves saying, ‘is this all there is?’

And we all came to the conclusion that what we were doing, what we believed, how we were living….none of that was giving us the answers we were seeking.

Then one day, we heard this young Pastor, I believe his name was Jim.

He told us that we were not alone…..that in one way or another, every human being was asking those same questions. But the problem was that there was no way we would find the answers we were seeking on our own. And there were two reasons.

One, we were looking in all the wrong places. The answers we were seeking would never be found in the places we were looking.

Two, we would never find the answers on our own. We needed help.

He then told us about a power, a supernatural Spirit who was able to communicate with our spirit and who was willing and able to give us the answers we were seeking,

And that if we were really sick and tired of not finding answers in all the places we had been looking, all we had to do was just admit that what we had been doing was not working and that we needed His help and He would come and help us.

And you know what, when WE DID, HE DID!

And HE helped us to find “YAH”. And we moved here.