Yes, success does seem to breed more success. But in much the same way, failure also tends to breed failure.

These are not cause-and-effect principles that originated with the Adam Smiths of the world.

These are physical and spiritual laws which were established and put in place at Creation.

Life is complex and that is because human beings are complex. In fact, MAN is the single most complex being ever created.

Question? Would you conceive, design, produce and bring to market a very complex product without some kind of operations manual? Of course, you wouldn’t.

Neither did GOD. It seemed to take a while (man needed to learn how to read and write), but in the fullness of time, HE did give us a manual. We call it the Bible.

It consists of two sections. An OLD TESTAMENT which contains 39 books and a NEW TESTAMENT which contains 27 books or letters.

In the first three books (or Gospels) of the New Testament, GOD lays out the Success Breeds Success principle.

These passages are in Matthew chapter 13 verse 12 and in chapter 25, verse 29. In Mark chapter 4, verses 24 & 25; and in Luke chapter 8, verse 18, and chapter 19, verse 26.

In sum, these verses say the following: to him who has, more will be given. To him who has not, even the little that he has will be of no use to him.

Like the aforementioned example, if it was an automobile and the owner obeyed the manuals instructions, the car would work as it was designed to work. Otherwise, it would not.

Let’s apply the above verses to this example.

To him who possesses the wisdom and intelligence to obey the instructions which came with the car, he will continue to have success with his car and his obedience will spur him on to be obedient in other matters as well. (To him who has, more will be given.)

He who lacks the wisdom to obey the instructions and decides he prefers to use kerosene as the fuel for his car, will not have success. He will lose what he invested in the car and be worse off than when he started. (To him who is unwilling to obey the instructions, will end up with less than he had to start with.)

This is one of the most profound truths of all time.

The more you believe, the more you are able to believe.

Will you trust what GOD created, yet not the GOD who created it?

Will you trust gravity but not the GOD who created it.

Will you trust that clouds produce rain, but not the GOD who provided the clouds and the rain?

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The more a man loves, the more he is able to love. The more a man gives, the more he is able to give. The more a man commits himself to learning, the more learned he becomes.

Dear friend, the more willing you are to trust GOD, the more you will grow to love HIM, praise HIM and glorify HIM.