Life presents all kinds of risks. We decide some are worth taking, some are not.

You pay your taxes because you are not prepared to take the risk of not doing so.

You get up and go to work to earn the money to support your family, (pay your mortgage and all your other bills on time) because you are not prepared to risk being viewed as a no-good, irresponsible smuck by all who know you and your family.

You obey the law because you are not prepared to take the risk of ending up in prison.

You have come to realize that when your body dies, your spirit will continue to live forever, and you understand that there are only two possible destinations.

One is Paradise and the other is well you know.

Nonetheless, you still don’t believe in GOD or in HIS SON, JESUS CHRIST because you ARE PREPARED to risk living eternally in well you know.


One day you think WHAT IF what if the life HE offers really is the best life a person could live on this earth? After all, why would HE go to all that trouble to create us and a place for us to live if it isn’t?

And just in case IT IS, am I willing to risk not believing it. Hmm…


You decide to listen, to read, to learn about the one who loves you so much HE was willing to die for you.

And son-of-gun, imagine what you discover.

You learn you were lost and you didn’t even know it.

You discover you were blind, but now you are beginning to see things differently things you never saw before.

You begin feeling different about yourself and about others.

You learn that mans nature is not capable of a more noble, profitable, and delightful life than what GOD has called us to in HIS Son.

You learn that it is the principal design of the devil to hide GOD’S true goodness from you and turn you back to seeking the pleasures of his world.

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You learn that it truly is a life of love, joy, and cheerful progress towards eternal joy, with no more grief or fear than is necessary to keep you from the sin that will harm you.

Yes, there are risks some people are willing to take and some they are not willing to take.