Have you ever been taken for granted? How did it feel? Yet, stop and take a moment and think of all we have that we just take for granted every day or our lives.

Awareness is really quite an amazing attribute. In fact, there are few things that contribute more to our ability to live an amazing life.

Take a moment and talk with someone who has gone from good to very limited vision. Many will tell you they never fully appreciated being able to see things clearly.

Talk with someone who’s hearing or mobility has become limited. Ask someone who took their freedom for granted.

The point? Most of us only begin to appreciate something once we lose it.

What to do? Begin NOW…appreciating, begin NOW ….being grateful for what we all tend to take for granted.

Yes, begin with those things we deem the most mundane things in our lives…breathing in and out, sitting, rising, seeing, smelling, tasting, touching and being touched.

Years ago I happened to be in the men’s room standing next to a young man I knew. He kidded about having been born with used parts. His legs were too short for his body, and along with a number of other physical deficiencies, he had developed kidney disease and had to have a kidney transplant.

As he was finishing his turn at the urinal, I heard him say, thank you, Lord. I asked him about it.

He said, when you are laying there on dialysis you dream of being able to walk up to a urinal and have a normal pee.

From that day on, I began having my only problem: I can’t seem to run out of things for which to be grateful.

And I discovered that God must really appreciate a grateful heart because the more grateful I became, the more for which I had to be grateful.

‘Gratitude is life’s divinely given and designated lubricant. No matter what, life is sweet! God is good! He is in control! Thank you, Lord.

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