In talking about God, what would your response be if someone were to say to you: “With God, it’s all or nothing.”

Or, let’s say it is your wedding ceremony and the Pastor says: “OK, you two have agreed to love each other, care for each other, and be faithful to each other except….for the following reasons and under the following circumstances?”

Or, have you ever said: “Oh, I believe in God, I just don’t believe in that virgin birth story, or that there was a flood that covered the earth, or that Jesus was God incarnate and that he rose from the dead.”

Or, what if someone asked you: “Do you believe in a supernatural God who created the universe as we know it?”

Would you say, “Yes!”

Or, would you say, “Well, yes, but…..?”

The marriage God decreed between a man and a woman and all it means in terms of what He intended their relationship to be, is a metaphor of what He intended His relationship to be with you and me.

He did not sacrifice His Son on the bloody cross of Calvary for a “Well yes, but….faith.

For Him, it is all or nothing.