Our daughter must have been around 6 years old and was playing with one of her friends when I overheard her say to her friend, No! You’re not the boss o’me!

At the time I chuckled and went on my way.

Later in the day, it occurred to me that out of the mouth of this babe I had heard much more than an amusing exchange between two children.

Christ never said, You’re not the boss of me!

In John 5:30, He said these words:

I can of Myself do nothing. I do not seek (to do) My own will but the will of the Father who sent Me.

Though He was God incarnate, even He was NOT His OWN GOD.

Who IS my God? Am I MY OWN God?

When I seek to do my own will rather than God’s Will, am I saying to Him You’re not the boss o’me!

In the Garden, when Satan approached Eve, the real issue was not about the fruit of the tree in question, it was about who she was going to choose to be her God.

Was she going to be her own god? Was she going to do HER own will or was she going to do God’s Will?

Well, we know which choice she made and as her offspring, we inherited her will in making that choice and to this day, it continues to be the source of all of our fears, frustrations and anger.

In a wonderful collection of Puritan wisdom, VOICES FROM THE PAST, 17th Century English Pastor Thomas Watson offered the following perspective.

Imagine there are two Mines.

One Mine belongs to God.

God’s Mine is filled with things that last for eternity. And we can keep all we can excavate. There we find joy and peace. We discover angels that are keeping watch over us to guide us and to protect us; we find the Spirit of His Son who has promised us that He will come and live in us and help us navigate this life; we find God’s Spirit which sanctifies us; we find a love that will not let us go no matter what; and we find a Spirit of mercy and forgiveness, and truth.

One Mine belongs to me.

My Mine is filled with all kinds of goodies, and here too, I can keep all I can excavate. But no matter what I dig up, it never seems to last. Oh, there are all kinds of things that appeal to me for a while, but soon I am back with my shovel digging for more.

Who is my God.?

O dear soul, let it be Almighty God, the Creator of all things who has promised to love you, care for you, and save you to live with Him eternally.

OH! REALLY? Yes! Yes! Yes!