Just imagine. You get a call from an Attorney. He tells you that a relative you hardly knew has died and left you a fortune….in a Trust. He tells you to meet him at his office so he can get the information from you to draw up the Trust. He does tell you that it is a Trust in ‘perpetuity’.

You can hardly believe it. You thank him and agree without question to be at his office at the day and time he needs you to be there.

Just imagine, you get a call from someone who says they want to talk with you about someone who has died and left you a fortune….in ‘perpetuity’.

You are not sure you understand. You ask them to explain. They tell you it is about where you will live forever. All of a sudden you ‘get it.’

You may not say these exact words but the sum of your response is:

“Bug off. My relationship with God is none of your business.”

Beloved, NO. That can’t be. Where you will spend eternity is very much ‘my business’. And why?

If you have children you know one thing to be true.


Dear friend, we are all children of the same Father. When I love my sister and my brother, I am being obedient to the second greatest commandment. I am loving His children.

You say, “well, that’s impossible. I can’t love all of my sisters and brothers.”

That’s right. YOU can’t….all by yourself, out of your own resources. But you CAN love them with HIS love.

Have you ever poured something in a container and not stopped before it overflows?

That is how God’s love is when we love His children. His love for us overflows our capacity to contain it all and that which overflows is what I am able to use to love those sisters and brothers that are not easy to love. (We all have a few of those.)

So, yes. Your relationship with your Father IS my business. And if you are a believer, your brother and sister’s relationship with your Father is YOUR business.