A green leaf with the word esg in it.

On a broadcast of the 60 MINUTES news program, they featured a demonstration of a newly developed prosthetic forearm and hand. Millions of dollars and several years of meticulous design work had gone into making that hand so that at the command of the person wearing it, it would open and close, so that it…

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A mountain range with snow on top of it.

If you love baseball and grew up playing Little League ball, and you decided to pursue it as a profession, then the pinnacle for you would be to play in the Major Leagues. If you love hockey and want to play it at the professional level, then the pinnacle for you would be the NHL;…

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A woman is giving a class to children.

It’s been said that experience is the best teacher. That is only partially true. Someone else’s experience is the best teacher if we are smart enough to learn from it. Can we? There is order and there is chaos. Regardless of the age, the century, the culture, country, civilization, society, or family, when God is…

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A man in front of a mirror with the words " who am i ?" written above him.

This past week in a radio program on NPR, three people were discussing their sense of identity One was a young white female double amputee; the other was a black male in his 30’s who was just a few months out of prison as a result of a felony conviction; the other was some poor…

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A yellow sign sitting in the middle of a cemetery.

Are you one of those individuals who tend to say, O, it’s never too late? If so, you are assuming, of course, that you are still alive. But then, you die. What do you say then? Oops! O, precious Soul, I pray that will not be your response. I pray that your response will be…

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A view of houses from above, showing the street.

Early this morning I had a dream. It was of a geographic area of three separate Cities. They were Understand, Acceptance, and Trust. The area was known as YAH. Although they were three separate Cities, they had a Metropolitan form of governance. They had a Mayor and a Council that was made up of six…

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A book with the pages lit up in the shape of a heart.

My bath is immediately adjacent to my bedroom. I mounted a battery powered clock in the area of the vanity, It was to help me keep track of my time as I would be getting ready to begin my day. It makes an ever so slight tic-to sound as the second hand moves around the…

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A woman with her hands over her chest.

Especially if you live in one of the large metropolitan centers of the world, it is so easy to get lost in the crowd. Mother Teresa is reported to have said that every human being has the following words tattooed on their foreheads: I need to matter. We all do. The other day I was…

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A woman with long hair is raising her arms.

OK! OK! I’ll do it. Now, would you please bug off? Have you ever said, or perhaps thought those words when someone was telling you to do something? Can you imagine Jesus saying those words to His Heavenly Father? We don’t like to be told what to do. We are not wired to handle that…

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A man sitting at a table with lots of money in front of him.

Legend has it that one of the richest men in the world was once asked, how much money would you need to feel like you had enough? His answer was, just a little more. Is that how I would have answered that question? I want to say, No! But I have to admit that a…

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