A glass of water is being poured into it.

Are there things you would like to understand or perhaps understand better and are not sure why you don’t. Me too. That frankly, was and is the whole purpose and motivation of this Blogsite. Every one of my Blogs relate to things I learned that made such a difference in my life once I understood…

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Two dogs with signs on their necks and one is holding a sign that says " i double dog dare ya ".

I double-dog dare ya was just one of many childhood taunts that some of you may remember. I remember this one because it usually got me in a lot of trouble. I suspect it is still being used in one form or another by kids even today. The adult version of that is to say,…

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A person is holding their hands up to the sky.

The Ultimate Danger is not the Coronavirus. And the ULTIMATE SAFETY is not a vaccine to prevent it’s spread. The Coronavirus notwithstanding, a sadness of our time is the extent to which so many of us live in various levels of fear and do not feel safe both individually and collectively. Parents are concerned about…

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A person is holding their hand out in the water.

Michael got on the bus and even before he sat down, he remembered he had left his track shoes on the washer and dryer. He had a meet that afternoon. What to do? Should he call his Mom? No, he thought. Not to worry. She will see them. She knows I am going to need…

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A woman and man are holding apples in the forest.

At the last Academy Awards ceremony, a theater full of people and millions on television waited for the answer to this question. In February of 2013, when Pope Benedict XVI, stepped down, thousands of people gathered in front of the Vatican and millions around the world waited to see who the next Pope would be.…

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A red question mark sitting in the middle of a bunch of white questions.

When it comes to the quality of my life now, and where I will spend eternity, I only have two choices. Every war, every victory, every defeat, every struggle, every moment of peace, every moment of joy, every loss, and every tear of despair is rooted in these two choices. They are: 1) am I…

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A cross and fire in the middle of two different pictures.

Do you love self-evident truths? Here is one that has become one of my favorites. “There really is no difference between someone who can’t read and someone who won’t read, the outcome is the same.” When it comes to faith, there really is no difference between someone who doesn’t believe, who won’t believe, or who…

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A book cover with arrows pointing to the right.

In talking about God, what would your response be if someone were to say to you: With God, it’s all or nothing. Or, let’s say it is your wedding ceremony and the Pastor says: OK, you two have agreed to love each other, care for each other, and be faithful to each other except for…

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