A red stamp with the word completed written in it.

What thoughts come into your mind when you think of the word complete Is it a construction project or a book you have been working on? Is it an outfit you have put together to wear? Is it a terminal degree on which you have been working? Or, is it yourself? Are YOU complete? The…

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A woman balancing on top of a rock.

Am I in balance Have you ever asked yourself that question? No, this is not an am I crazy question. It is just about you simply asking yourself: “is my life in balance?” If you know anything about automobiles you know that if your front end is properly aligned and your tires are balanced it…

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A man with several different hair styles holding up signs.

Our lives abound with situations in which ‘all that matters’ is what we have done or not done up to a particular point in time. The SAT we have to ace to get into college; the exam we have to pass to get into medical school; the race we have to win to get the…

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A close up of the coronavirus with text

Do you carry a spare tire in your car? Do you keep an extra few day’s food in the freezer? Do you have a 401K or do you make systematic deposits into a savings account? In the current Coronavirus nightmare, have you started wearing a mask and surgical gloves? Do you slather your hands with…

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A person is folding the tie into a square.

Do you have a favorite item of clothing a tie, a scarf, a blouse? Something you have selected as part of an ensemble that is just perfect for that outfit? I have a tie that goes perfectly with a certain outfit I enjoy wearing and at a dinner party recently, I happened to spill a…

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Two people shaking hands over a table.

Just imagine. You get a call from an Attorney. He tells you that a relative you hardly knew has died and left you a fortune in a Trust. He tells you to meet him at his office so he can get the information from you to draw up the Trust. He does tell you that…

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